Hi, I’m Pieter-Paul, founder & CEO of Vegvisir Advisory Ltd.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, and up until the COVID-pandemic, quite the nomad travelling our once beautiful planet.

Having worked in various industries from live music events to retail, I found myself living and working in London as VP Operations for a then-young and promising ESG risk & opportunity assessment start-up some time in 2015. It was around that time that I realised I wasn’t contributing anything useful to safeguard our natural world, my family, or my friends and their families from the effects of climate change and the climate and biodiversity emergency we all find ourselves in. Despite being an avid lover of nature, all my endeavours were at nature’s expense, which I found a very hard truth to accept.

I changed the path I was on, and set out to combine a more nature-based lifestyle with a new career in regenerative hospitality. This lead me to become the GM of one the world’s most controversial and ground breaking rewilding projects: Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Scottish Highlands. With an incredible amount of freedom to develop the project and its business, and winning several awards as a team, I prepared myself for my next step: starting Vegvisir Advisory Limited.

Through V.A. I aim to close the gap between funding needs of nature restoration and conservation projects around the world, and corporate strategic ESG requirements. The thought being that the effort of keeping global warming limited to 1.5 to 2.5 degrees C and reversing the ongoing destruction of our natural world will be the most costly project in human history. Individual taxpayers, philanthropists, and charities are not able to fund this effort. Corporate has to be included, and we need to make this happen fast by including ecosystem services in value chains, supply chains, production chains, and bottom line strategy.

Is the system of ecosystem services perfect and fully developed? By no means. But I believe it’s the only way to turn the tide and allow for our planet to heal from the unfathomable damage we’ve caused so far.

Pieter-Paul Groenhuijsen