Vegvisir Advisory

Specialists in Nature Based Solutions and Ecosystem Services

The Environmental Social Governance landscape is rapidly changing. Businesses are being held accountable for their impact on our natural world and there is a growing need for a well-defined Nature Based Solutions industry. Merely internalising profit and socialising cost as a business strategy is no longer acceptable in our time of climate and biodiversity emergency. ‘Greenwashing’ is rapidly becoming a mainstream term, and rightly so. Real connections between corporate sustainable business strategies and nature conservation projects are needed. We help make that happen with a hands on approach and an exponential mindset.

Vegvisir Advisory not only proactively delivers on ESG requirements by connecting corporates with hands-on nature conservation and restoration projects around the world. We also help such projects develop their potential and quantify their natural capital. This effectively creates a new marketplace, where Ecosystem Services are traded and integrated in bottom line strategy, while ensuring our natural world can recover from and sustain continued human impact.

A Vegvisir, Icelandic for sign post or wayfinder, is a stave intended to help its bearer find their way through rough weather. As businesses find themselves in unchartered territory, Vegvisir Advisory helps mitigate risk and navigate towards a sustainable future.

Ecosystem Services

Assessment of Environmental Services category requirements & strategic sustainable business development.

Metrics & Data Collection

Quantifying tools to deliver on Offset, Compensation, and Reduction needs as outlined in your ESG strategy.

Project Development

Assessing and quantifying nature conservation and restoration projects and developing them to their full potential.

Connections & Partnerships

Finding the right nature conservation or restoration project to partner with, anywhere in the world.

Self interest is for the past. Common interest is for the future.

Let’s build something beautiful together.